Chandrasekharpur, Sailashree Vihar, Bhubaneswar Khurda, Odisha - 751021
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House System  
The students of Std. V to XII are divided into 4 houses Apalla , Gargi, Maitreyi and Sikata after the names of women sages .The nominated leaders from all Houses of Std. VII, VIII , IX and XI form the school cabinet which takes oath in the investiture Ceremony organized in the beginning of the session. The school cabinet comprises of : school leader, asst. school leader, house leader, asst. house leader and house representatives . The nominated leaders lead the house to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities under the guidance of House Co-ordinator and house teachers.. The best house is awarded at the end of academic session. This house system enhances their competitive sprit while working in a team.

House Co-ordinator

House Co-Ordinator-Rasmita Ghadai (Higher Secondary)

House Co-Ordinator Harapriya Dash (Secondary)

School Leader-Soubhik Samal
School Leader-Soubhik Samal & Asst. School Leader-Ananya Mishra
Sports Secretary-M.Akshita Prasad & Asst. Sports Secretary-Salonee Pattnaik Cultural Secretary-Dalia Thackar & Asst. Cultural Secretary- Swastik Dash
House Teacher in Charge-Barsha Rani Panigrahi ,Appala House Leader-Abhisha Acharya ,Appala House Asst. Leader-Swayam Subham Giri ,Appala House Senior Representative- Taneesa Mohanty, Appala House Junior Representative-Biswajeet Kar House Teacher in Charge-Sumitra Haldar,Gargi House Leader-BN Shreevishesa, Gargi House Asst. Leader-Samikhya Behera,Gargi House Senior Representative-Adyasha Sahoo ,Gargi House Junior Representative-Swayamsiddha Mohanty
House Teacher in Charge-Nilima Mohanty,Maitreyi House Leader-Shristi Shah,Maitreyi House Asst. Leader-Debahuti Patnaik,Maitreyi House Senior Representative-Riti Rakshanda Panda,Maitreyi House Junior Representative-Swayam Pattnaik House Teacher in Charge-Smita Das,Sikata House Leader-Abhinandan Jaiswal,Sikata House Asst. Leader-Pratyush Sahoo ,Sikata House Senior Representative-Sovam S Mohanty ,Sikata House Junior Representative-Vedant Aggarwal